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Mathew Alex Kramer
arkram AT umich DOT edu (academic inquiries)
maths AT mathewkramer DOT io (other inquiries)
Ph.D. student
Department of Linguistics, University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI, USA
English fluent
Japanese advanced/fluent
Russian intermediate
I prefer gender-neutral pronouns (e.g. they/them/theirs) in languages in which this is an option.
I prefer masculine pronouns (e.g. he/him/his, он/его) when neutral pronouns are unavailable or difficult to use.
Alex Nicolas Harrison Kramer

What I Do

I am a third-year in the linguistics department at the University of Michigan. I’m a member of Dr. Savithry Namboodiripad’s Contact, Cognition and Change Lab.

My research investigates the interaction between cognitive processes and social factors, how this interaction contributes to long-term language change (particularly morphosyntactic change), and what contact-induced change can tell us about speakers’ linguistic representations and the processes underlying the emergence of cross-linguistic patterns. I am especially interested in the application of computational modeling to questions in language contact, and in how these models can incorporate findings from various subfields to produce a coherent picture of language change in individuals and groups.


PhD Student, University of Michigan
2018 — present

Research Assistant, Language Processing Laboratory
2016 — 2018

Research Assistant, Phonology Laboratory
2015 — 2018