This (mini- (mini-)) mini-album is the result of a collaboration with NoShotStudios, who developed the puzzle platformer No Splotch Gallery. Check out the game!

The developers asked for a couple of classical-inspired tracks to fit the museum gallery setting, and they turned out to be really fun to make! You can listen below.



To practice coming back to ideas, I’m trying to build a habit of revisiting the things I happen to improvise while bored (or procrastinating) and clean them up a bit. “Vignette: The Haven,” the first in this series, depicts a place of rest—a city or town, perhaps—but hints at tensions building in the background, a dark past.

29 June 2021

This was the first thing I seriously made in Ableton. I’ve fiddled around with it a bit since I first finished it, but I mostly haven’t changed it from how it was at the time. My coffee scale broke on the day I started working on this, then somehow fixed itself on the day I finished it, hence the title! Yes, it’s not any deeper than that.